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If you are interested in integrating essential oils into your life or any of the other free of harsh chemicals and toxin products, such as the Savvy Mineral make up and Thieve home cleaning products. The best way to get started is to sign up to be a Wholesale Member and purchase the Premium Starter Bundle with Dewdrop Diffuser. You will quickly start adding oils to your daily routine.

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If you are still unsure, please scroll down and read my personal testimonial about our very personal, oily journey.

A little about my journey with oils! Starting with some honest motherhood right oldest kiddo has Autism (high functioning) with severe ADHD. I think typical with any newly diagnosed family, I set out to find all the resources I could to help my child thrive and our family survive. I researched extensively, some nights until my eyes hurt and my head pounded. We saw SO many different doctors. One area I would occasionally see mentioned in parent groups being brought up was the use of essential oils. It was never in a medical paper; it was never shared by any of our doctors, but I found it encouraging other families were trying these out of the box options. In this instance it was being used topically. My curiosity led to purchasing the KidScents line. I kicked into gear with rubbing Sleepyize on my son's wrists as bedtime to hopefully help him sleep. I also frequently used the Tummyygize when he would share with me his stomach hurt. I then started using regular Lavender oil on his wrists (not only for topical reasons but he could also sniff it) to help him feel calm when his ADHD would rear its ugly head. We continued our journey by adding a diffuser in his bedroom that also functioned as a humidifier, nightlight, and white noise maker. LOVE! 

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Stay with me forward a few years and (gasp) we were struggling with secondary infertility. Meaning, we had one successful birth but then nothing, for year when trying to bring more babies into our family. This is when I once again kicked into mama bear, research mode. Long nights, lots of doctor appointments, vitamins, Chinese medicine, and so much more. Through that educational journey I learned more than I could have ever imagined about toxins, parabens, harmful chemicals found in products we use every day AND how they could have been impacting my overall health and INFERTILITY. OMG, I was blown away. 

Savvy Minerals Makeup 

So, with the hopes to start using products that would make a difference in our life, we launched into the wholesale world of Young Living. I didn’t have a desire for the business side of things, instead I was hyper focused on taking advantage of the wholesale discount (24% off). Here I am, four years later loving every minute.

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