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4 Tips to De-Stressing

It’s been over a week since my last blog because…well…life! I love this community we have built so much but sometimes I feel like I may be letting you down. Over the years of wearing may hats, I have learned I need to take care of my own mental and physical health and sometimes that means making those hard decisions on what priorities take precedence. Hopefully, that makes sense to ya’ll.

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Get snuggly and enjoy “me time”!

Outside of She is Regal, I work full time for a large tech company. I work from home. Before Covid-19 I worked from home without kids, now I work from home WITH kids in a Zoom Classroom. This picture was taken last Friday. It was finally sunny outside, I was enjoying my warm Starbucks AND my Be Strong and Courageous fleece pullover during a moment of calm in my house. If you don't have one yet, you must get one ASAP! It has a unisex fit & is SO soft.

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