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Simply Blessed - 5 Fun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. I love anything with a theme I can weave into our daily lives, provide something new and exciting for the kids to focus on, change up the decor in the house, and have open conversations about history and our faith. As we head into the weekend, take a look at these fun ideas based around celebrating St. Patrick and being Simply Blessed, not just lucky 💚

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4 Tips to De-Stressing

It’s been over a week since my last blog because…well…life! I love this community we have built so much but sometimes I feel like I may be letting you down. Over the years of wearing may hats, I have learned I need to take care of my own mental and physical health and sometimes that means making those hard decisions on what priorities take precedence. Hopefully, that makes sense to ya’ll.

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5 of my Favorite Marriage Tools

This week I felt compelled to share a few of the tools I have in my tool chest to help me pour into my marriage. As a working mom of three kids, I often feel tired and exhausted, where I don’t always have the energy to love on my husband. Overall, I think my husband and I do a good job staying connected and focusing on our marriage. We put in the work, we fight, we apologize and we continue to move forward like most couples. But what does it actually mean to be focused on your marriage?

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Get snuggly and enjoy “me time”!

Outside of She is Regal, I work full time for a large tech company. I work from home. Before Covid-19 I worked from home without kids, now I work from home WITH kids in a Zoom Classroom. This picture was taken last Friday. It was finally sunny outside, I was enjoying my warm Starbucks AND my Be Strong and Courageous fleece pullover during a moment of calm in my house. If you don't have one yet, you must get one ASAP! It has a unisex fit & is SO soft.

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A prayer for health and healing as we embrace the coronavirus craze

Prayers to pray over your family as we navigate the new health scare of the coronavirus. Free prayer card printable below!  You will see across social media and the various media outlets several mixed messages, different types of coverage and LOTS of opinions around all things related to the newest strain of the coronavirus. This space is not one for me to educate you around washing your hands, instead I aim to be a place of comfort and provide thought inspiring nuggets to keep you and your family close to God.

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