Crush your 2020 Goals ~ Shift them to draw you closer to God.

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crush your 2020 goals

Happy New Year. Boy what an awesome end of 2019 we had with launching this business. As you ponder and plan your goals for the pending new year, what about building a strategy that helps you grow in your faith and draws you closer to God? Don’t get me wrong, the traditional New Years Resolutions are great if that is the direction on your heart. I believe any sort of goal setting is healthy. Keep plugging forward my friend and think about setting smaller, more tangible goals for you to crush.

However, if you are up for a new challenge in 2020, let’s focus on three new goals to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, help you feel better about yourself and improve your mental wellbeing. Here you are; three goals to crush in the new year:

  1. Begin journaling. Start a journal. Pick a time, the same time each day, when you write, jot, doodle, anything that comes to mind. Maybe it’s something you are thankful for, perhaps something you are struggling with, a prayer weighing heavy on your heart or praise for an answered prayer. Just write. Coming from experience, there is something quite cathartic about airing it out. My journal is kept in my nightstand so I can quickly access it each night before bed. I literally take 5 minutes to put my thoughts on paper because that’s about all I can muster before my eyes start to close. I do this instead of scrolling through my phone. Another conscious change I have made. This leather notebook is beautiful and fancy.
  2. Say a prayer. Add prayers to your daily routine. They can be silent and in your head. You can think of them while you are driving, when you are cooking dinner, when you are pumping gas. Just talk to God. Shift your mindset. Clear your thoughts. Take a tiny moment to say, “dear Lord give me the strength.” I trust He can fill in the blanks on what you seek strength for.  Another example, “Lord help me to find the words”. Easy peasy, you got this!
  3. Tackle a Bible study. In sticking with my women of the bible theme for the new year, I have found these two great and short bible studies that I think you will LOVE. Feel free to choose one or both, depending on how your year is going.
    • This Esther study is such a great read. I love how much this book teaches you through riveting history. This version shares a more progressive side of a woman’s role, a book for the here and now my friends. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in your purse.
    • Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore is a true study guide with the reading and then thought-provoking questions if you are looking for something deeper.

With whatever goals you decide to tackle in the New Year sprinkle God throughout your day to day and truly live your faith out loud. I promise it will lift your spirits. Check out our Fearfully and Wonderfully made t-shirt to help with this. Cheers my friends and thank you for your constant support. Happy New Year!



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