7 Favorite Resources for Celebrating February

7 Favorite Resources for Celebrating February

Welcome to February! While things in the country are still uncertain with the pandemic, we continue to show just how resourceful and resilient we are. It’s inspiring. We’ve been busy over here in southern Washington these past few days. There has been rain, snow and lots of darkness that is typical for the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking forward to embracing the colors of February.

Kara and baby black and white with heart

Two of my three littles are back at in-person school, but I still have my little guy home with me. This week we snapped a fun photo when he was visiting with me while I was busy working at my desk. It finally hit me in just a few months, he will be headed to pre-kindergarten. I have really loved having him home with me these past nine months. With that being said, I am excited to jump into February and all the fun things we can do morning, noon or night.

The month of February is jam packed with so many opportunities to dive deep, be creative, learn and explore. Not only do we have Valentine’s Day, but we also celebrate Black History Month, President’s Day, Chinese New Year, and the Super Bowl.

I love, love, love to decorate my house for the seasons and/or holidays. I don’t always have the time or energy to go all out, but it brings me joy to make it fun for my kids no matter how big or small. My daughter is the one to always tell me we don’t have ENOUGH decorations! As I pick and choose what we celebrate I work to integrate the theme into our daily lives as we read books about the subject at hand, listen to Podcasts in the car, watch movies and of course have open dialogue. Mom tip: I love to buy holiday paper napkins at Dollar Tree and use them in my kid’s lunch boxes and at home meals.

Here are my favorite 7 resources for family, friendly content for all things February:

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I would love your feedback on what you may have found super awesome or not so helpful, so I can continue to curate the best resources for this community!

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7 Favorite Resources for Celebrating February

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